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A Shocking Event

Brian and I were up at the land yesterday, working on the trailer. Accuweather had projected thunder storms at 10:00, 2:00, 4:00, and 7:00, but we wanted to level the trailer, clean some more, and get new propane tanks since some 2-legged rats stole ours a month or so ago. We figured we’d just work around the storms.

As we worked, the radio kept blaring storm warnings. They said that if we could hear thunder we should stay inside because there was then danger of lightning strikes. In the early afternoon, I was inside working while Brian was wielding a pick, shovel, and rake trying to smooth out the area by the doors. Thunder was rolling and I started to worry about him, the radio warning running an endless sound loop in my head. Finally he decided the storm was pretty close so it was time to run some errands in town. He headed to the equipment trailer while I started to lock up the camp trailer.

My hand on the key in the lock, I saw a brilliant white flash. Electricity exploded through my body from hand to feet, popping and cracking as I felt it exit through the tips of my toes! I screamed and dropped the keys. I yelled for Brian. By then I realized that lightening must not have actually struck me, since I wasn’t dead or even smouldering, but must have struck somewhere nearby. When I didn’t hear Brian answer I took off running to see if he had been hit.

We met between the trailers. When I told him what had happened he hustled me into the truck and got in himself. We sat there until the thunder moved on and the rain lessened some. Then we got out and found the keys. We also saw that the bucket that was the protective housing for the phone was about 20 feet from where it had been and the phone was upside down in the rain, its red light blinking in a perpetual hold.

So what exactly happened? We don’t know. Brian heard the sound of cracking electricity, but there was no loud crack of a lightening strike. He didn’t see a bright flash. I was shook up, but have no burns.

Brian theorizes that lightening elsewhere could have created a power surge that traveled through the trailer, but the breakers didn’t trip.

If anyone has a theory, please share it.

In the meantime, now that the event resides in the safety of memory, I feel privileged and thoroughly energized!


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Today a team of men finished setting the form for the foundation of the house and the garage. Then the big trucks started arriving. The first to get there was the long-armed truck that pumps the concrete into the forms.

Arm of the concrete pumping truck.

Arm of the concrete pumping truck.

Before long, the cement mixers arrived–2 of them!

One of the cement mixers

One of the cement mixers

The mixers filled the pumping truck,


which pumped the slurry of pebbly concrete


through its long arm, to the forms.


One man guided the concrete into the forms,


while others leveled it and eliminated air pockets.


By day’s end, the foundations were complete. They will cure a few days before the foundation is filled in so that the slab can be poured.

And what were Brian and I doing all this time? Well, when we weren’t asking and answering questions and taking pictures, we were scrubbing our little camp trailer, which became the home of a mouse (mice?) last winter. The nasty little guys had gotten into just about everything. We vacuumed, cleaned, and sanitized all day. We eliminated the worst of it, set traps, and scattered Bounce sheets (which we have learned have a mouse repelling odor).

If the critter has left no more signs of his presence, we will assume he has been suitably evicted and finish up with the cleaning, the next time we go up.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Smokeshire Road! ┬áCome by any time and see how our house is progressing here in our little corner of Eden. We’ll post pictures of the construction and our discoveries as we get to know our new environment. We welcome your comments, suggestions, questions etc.

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