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Closure At Last!

From: Brian

The house is finally moving again! the siding is all up, the roof is done, and…

… the skylight and big window are in! With the house finally sealed in our biggest delay and stumbling block is finally behind us.

The amount of light it brings in is incredible. Even with no walls on the second floor to funnel the light down, the first floor was cheery and bright on a cloudy overcast day. When finished the top 3 or 4 feet will be regular white painted drywall all the way around to bring in the maximum amount of light. The wall on the left will be clear finished OSB (flake board) all the way down. The back wall of my studio on the right will be the same clear PolyGal we used on our walls in the loft.

To update you on the story of ice on the river, we had a week of highs in the mid-30’s followed by a day in the mid-50’s with over an inch of rain. As you can see, this reset the river bed to a totally ice free condition although from what you can see on the banks, it must have been a hell of a dramatic day on the river while the rain and melting snow and ice flushed the river clean. I know ice dams caused trouble in other areas but I didn’t see any major overflows on our (the Williams) river. Since then we’ve had 2 sub-zero nights with days around 5 or 10 degrees so it will be interesting to see what we find on Tuesday!


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Icy Update

From: Brian

This is the little pool in the river straight in front of our house.

The same pool a little closer

The view downstream.

Now it’s warmed up to the low 30’s, the bottom ice is gone and water level is normal again…

…leaving these chunks of surface ice to break up, clump up, and dam up leaving blocks like this about 5 ft above the current water level.

I can’t wait to see this in progress. I suspect it should make plenty of noise to hear it from the house!

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Ice on the River

Brian put this post on his new Facebook Page, and I decided to post it here, too.

Small rivers in this area are constantly changing sculpture gardens curated by temperature and gravity

From the bridge at Love Joy Brook Road across from our mailbox.

When temperatures drop to around +10°F ice starts to form on the bottom of the river.

As ice builds on the bottom it displaces the free flowing water raising the level of the river.

The higher the level, the wider and calmer the surface becomes.

As temps drop towards zero° the slower flatter surface begins to freeze. As flow is increasingly constricted, sheets of water will flow over the surface and freeze causing layered formations similar to those found in caves.

As the surface builds higher, still flowing water gets channeled into narrower streams cutting channels across the frozen planes.

When temperatures rise again into the teens and 20s the bottom thaws and the level drops. The now suspended surface ice breaks into sheets that cause temporary ice dams and leave large chunks of ice stranded high above the now much lower water level.

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This is the latest picture of the house, this time with siding! Click on it for a larger view.

View from the road, November 17

Notice the scuppers extending alongside the opening where the skylight will be. Water will drain to these and and off of the roof. Brian made them with aluminum and powder coated black to help them always be the warmest part. This keeps the drains open whenever water could be liquid. Last week, though it was only 21 degrees and cloudy, there was still water flowing.

It’s cold up there but the crew keeps working. Everybody’s pretty bundled up.

Not much warmer inside . . .

Things are moving fast enough now that we will have another site meeting next week.

In the meantime, we have some very cold pictures to share on a post tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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