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Steady Progress

Posted by: Brian

Hi All, it seems like now that we’re completely sealed up everything’s rolling again, yahoo!

The PolyGal on the entry roof is up now. I’m thinking this looks like a good place to put lots of strings of holiday style lights between the rafters…

…to get refracted and diffused by the PolyGal.

The 2 story chip board wall runs to the roof under the skylight which has an inch of snow from the previous night on it. Original plans were to give it a thin white wash to help bring the light down to the first floor but there’s so much light already I don’t think we’ll need it. We’ll just give it a couple coats of clear polyurethane for now. We can always add white later.

Getting ready for the blown in cellulose insulation made from your recycled newspapers. There’s 6" packed tight here and another 2" of rigid foam panels between the plywood sheeting and the siding. Once it’s insulated and the concrete floor is stained black, even with the heat shut off, it will never get cold enough to freeze inside. In fact, I doubt the house will even drop below about 50°.

This little Jotul is the smallest wood stove we could find but even this is more than big enough to heat the whole house.


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