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All of a sudden stuff’s happening. The heater’s heating; the drywall’s up, ready to be painted; and after several color test patches convinced us that we don’t want to stain the concrete, the floor guy is sealing the main floor in it’s natural color instead.

And then what? The cabinets, that’s what.

With the crew getting close to needing the cabinets that we were getting from IKEA we have been looking for a dry, work-free day to go down to New Haven, Connecticut to pick them up in our large, but oh-so-open pickup.

Last weekend seemed to be the perfect time. Brian had been watching the weather for weeks, and there would be a 2-day window. We planned to drive down early Sunday morning, pick up the cabinets, and then drive back to Vermont. As the day got closer, however, the weather patterns shifted ever so slightly–just enough to make Sunday a day with showers. Saturday was still clear, but we both had work scheduled for Saturday.

We double-checked the upcoming weather and saw no work-free days that would also be dry, so decided that Saturday had to be the day.

We both worked that day, so we drove out of the Motel-In-The-Meadow driveway at 3:25 pm and headed south. It took us a bit under 3 hours to get to IKEA. We zipped through the displays, tempted to stop at every turn, but we stayed focused and headed straight for the kitchen design center, where we were helped by a very bright blond woman named Janet.

When we handed her our list, printed from the IKEA website, we learned that the list had the cabinet style, but not the dimensions. The item number for the cabinets is different on the website, so that didn’t clear up the problem. She (and we) tried to access the website on the store computers, but it is a closed network with access only to the store item numbers. We were two unhappy campers :-( )-:

Janet conferred with her manager and headed to a private office with an unfiltered computer to see if she could figure things out, while we called Tony to see if we had sent him a copy of Brian’s drawings. Tony wasn’t home but his wife, Angi, pulled up old emails until she found a drawing and gave us what we needed. Within a half an hour, Janet also had the info, so that we had no doubt we were correct.

The order took quite awhile to put together and some interiors had to be ordered for later pickup. We checked out our order as the store closed and then loaded the pickup and headed back north.

It was 3:00 am by the time we had unloaded the truck into our new garage and headed over the hill to the motel on what was a clear, nearly moonless night. On our way out, we saw a little band of 4 deer grazing in a field–a reward at the end of our adventure.

Now to carve out the time to put those cabinets together!


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