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From: Brian

Woo hoo! I successfully fixed Google maps so now when you enter 347 Smokeshire Rd, Ludlow, VT, it shows you where we really are. The road west of us no longer runs down the middle of the river either! It took several months, but the corrections did eventually happen.

The house is SLOWLY moving towards completion. We have our birch plywood floors in on the second floor with 2 coats of poly and the rooms are gradually getting painted. Our 900 pound steel stairs are in the garage now waiting to get sealed and hauled into place. The plumbers are at work installing fixtures and the electricians will be back soon to put the lights in. Tomorrow, Sears will make a second attempt to get here on time with our refrigerator and dishwasher, and the Swanstone should make it in this week for the showers.

With any luck we’ll be able to at least live in an unfinished house in a week or two. Our Census jobs have kept us from working on our parts of the job as much as we’d like to, so there will still be paint and finishing to be done inside after we move in.


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