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Bear Sign

Bear Maybe Sign


…and right in our front yard to boot!

Our woods are full of creatures but we rarely see them. We did have a bear run out in front of the truck on the way back from town a few days ago but from signs like this we KNOW they’re on our land. I finally ordered the game trail camera Leanne got me for my Birthday. Maybe we’ll get a better inventory of our woodland neighbors soon.


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Now that we’re starting out transition to VT we’ve been thinking about getting a dog or two again. When I started looking at Pet Finders online for rescue dogs I noticed a shelter group in our area, Northern New England Dog Rescue (www.nnedr.org), that doesn’t use a central facility but places dogs in foster homes until they can be placed in a permanent home. This interested us since it would give us a chance to have different breeds and ages of dogs and I’m sure we’d eventually end up keeping 1 or 2. While we’d be open to any full sized dog, what we were secretly hoping was to eventually end up with a Lab puppy. However, since Labs are incredibly popular in VT, even more than Subarus, I figured that would probably take a while. I went ahead and applied to be a foster home reasoning that I’d probably get an older, at least somewhat trained dog that shouldn’t be too much trouble while we moved.

Well… the next thing we knew we got a call from Lisa at NNEDR saying there were THREE lab puppies arriving from a high kill shelter in kentucky. They were only 5 weeks at that point and had already been separated from their mother. She went on to say how nice it would be if they could stay together at least for a while to help with learning socialization skills etc. I must have been soft in the head but for some reason we told her the next day we’d take all 3! Fortunately, one of them was placed before even getting here but we ended up with the other two.

We soon realized we had a very poorly designed home for puppies. The only place we could really corral them was also our only entrance to the house. We also had no fencing so had to supervise them constantly. They were also having the runs so even leaving them in their crate was an extremely hazardous situation. Twice we either woke up or returned late at night to two poop covered puppies. This took about 2 hours to wash the dogs, crate, bedding, toys, floors and anything else in the vicinity. I’d forgotten that puppies spend all their time eating, pooping peeing and tearing things up. Then they might sleep for an hour if lucky and we’d grab a quick meal or a shower but for 5 days we barely managed to keep ourselves fed, bathed and squeeze in about 4 or 5 hours sleep. We had to retreat back to the loft where they were a little easier to deal with but then the vet was a 2 hour drive. Eventually we had to give them back after 5 sleep deprived days.

You’d think we’d hate the destructive little poop monsters but it’s just not possible. After just over a week to recover, we delivered some food and toys that had been left at the house and had a chance to see the little guys again. After all we’d been through, it was still all we could do to resist taking them back again. When we got back in the truck and left, it was at least 15 or 20 minutes before either one of us could even talk.

I guess it will always be one of life’s great mysteries how you can form such a strong bond, in such a short time, with something that gives you so much grief!

Rob on the left, and Jim on the right.

No painting happened with these guys around!

Very sweet, but they don’t spend enough time like this!

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