A Simple Bedroom

M Bedroom

Our bedroom is pretty simple. Since it’s just the 2 of us living here we felt no need to ad all sorts of extraneous living and lounging functions to the bedroom. Bed, clothes period. The horizontal window will be right over our bed.

The Good Morning Birch Tree

When we wake up we’ll have this tall slender birch framed in the window.

M Bedroom, 1/2 Closet

This is half of the closet. The other half is two 40″ wide freestanding Ikea closets facing in to form a walk in closet. These went in after I shot these pictures and leave over a foot above them and about 8″ at the outer wall. This will help the room feel it’s full size, not like a smaller room tucked behind a closet, and will allow the heat/AC unit to blow over the top.


2nd Floor, Bath & Office

Birch Ply Floors

The ground floor was polished cement but on our second floor we decided to try 1/8 birch plywood for a simple and inexpensive surface. To prevent it from looking TOO much like plywood we cut the 4’x8′ sheets in half each way down to 2’x4′ and laid them in a brick pattern. We won’t be able to sand it down and refinish it later like regular hardwood floors but if we decide to use something else when this gets old, it will make a good subfloor for cork, linoleum or carpet.

BR counter formed from hot rolled steel sheet

I had the counters for both bathrooms formed from 1/8 in hot rolled steel. This one I sealed with clear coatings to preserve the natural black surface of the steel. The other one was underneath this one and had some big scratches across the surface that bugged me. I didn’t want to look at them for the rest of my life so I cleaned all the oil off the surface and left it outside in the driveway through several spring storms to rust the surface. The results were spectacular but I’m still patching in that bathroom and couldn’t get a clean picture yet

Main Bathroom

Nice window placement for sitting and thinking but if you want to avoid risking an unpleasant sight, don’t look up when you park in my driveway. ;-) This is also a nice shot of our temporary light sockets attached to the wires poking out of the ceilings where our light fixtures are supposed to be.

Leanne’s office/studio

Leanne’s office has sit down windows. Her desk will be under them and we may put a book shelf or two just above them. There’s also a tall narrow window out of sight on the right where she’ll put a reading chair and have a nice view of the old barn.

Stairwell / Lightwell

This skylight is 4 ft wide and 17 feet long.

Skylight Stairwell Up

It basically slices over half way through the house turning a simple box into a “C” shape. Hence the extra bracing on the roof line to be sure nothing moves while supporting all that glass.

Skylight Stairwell

The platform on the far side is accessed via sliding door from our bedroom for cleaning and and operating the window.

Skylight Stairwell Down

The chip board on the left will just have a clear finish and the PolyGal wall on the right lets light into the north side of my studio.

Single Stringer Stairs

Stairs w/Temporary Treads I designed these stairs to try to “tread” lightly (pun intended ;-) on the space and to have as light a presence as possible. When we installed the steel stringer we dismantled and used the treads from the temporary stairs until the final treads are ready. We’ll have a black pipe railing on both sides with the living room side suspended and braced from the beam at the top of the picture.

Stairs w/Temporary Treads, detail These temporary steps will be replaced with roughly 3″ thick treads cut from some of the old hand hewn 8×8 beams saved from the old house. We’ll cut about 2″ out of the center to work around the old mortise holes, plane the center cut, and leave the hand hewn surface on the bottom and sides.

Our Kitchen

From: Brian Jewett

Our kitchen, pretty much the beating heart of any home, is almost complete. It’s just short a backsplash and some light fixtures and a little paint touchup but all the appliances are functioning and in use.

Kitchen A The corrugated metal behind the stove was just temporary while we but it through a self cleaning cycle to burn off the oils from manufacturing before using it. We are debating between galvanized sheet metal or stainless. I like the look of galvanized but there might be some maintenance and cleaning issues that rule it out for a backsplash. Another possibility is to tile it in with electrical cover plates

Kitchen B The large open space on the wall in the back corner is under consideration for one or two open shelves. We’ll see how much of our stuff fits into the cabinets. ;-)

Kitchen C Here you can see the wires on the ceiling where the two commercial fluorescent fixtures will eventually go.

Kitchen D In the back is the 5 feet of cabinets we’re hoping can replace the 6 x 10 pantry we’ve enjoyed in our loft kitchen. It actually should come close since these are 24 inches deep with fully extending drawers. The pantry had 15 feet of 10 inch shelving but it was pretty loosely packed.

Moose Pics

From: Brian Jewett

On our way home a few days ago we spotted this moose in a neighbors pond who was kind enough to pose for us while we backed up, gawked and took his picture.

From: Brian Jewett

Saturday night was our first night in the new house. It’s not done yet but it has functioning bathrooms, a fridge, cabinets and temporary light bulbs wired to where the fixtures will eventually go. One thing we didn’t think to bring was a night light. It gets DARK in the country! We had to leave the porch light on to shed some light on the trees so we could see in the middle of the night. When we woke up we had a large assortment of these hefty nocturnal moths we’d never seen before. Of course, if they were on trees like they normally would be you’d never spot them.